What’s Old is New: The Enduring Value of Tabletop Exercises

June 13, 2024

What’s Old is New: The Enduring Value of Tabletop Exercises

I’ve been working in business resiliency for over 20 years now, and Tabletop Exercises were around long before I got into the industry. This is the second blog in my “What’s Old Is New” blog series. “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Dwight D. Eisenhower How long? In my limited research, I have not been able […]
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June 06, 2024

Data Protection Essentials: A Guide For Your Business

The relentless drumbeat for data protection and data backups leaves organizations wondering if they’re doing everything they can to safeguard their data. The challenge includes protecting customers’ data privacy, adhering to compliance regulations, and recovering organizational data after cyberattacks and natural disasters.  Cybercriminals are going after your data, including your backups. Bad actors who can […]
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May 30, 2024

Thoughts on “The Velveteen Rabbit: Can AI Create Viable Resiliency Plans?”

AI is definitely THE hot topic this year when I go to conferences, and it’s the latest buzz word in every product feature demonstration that I encounter lately. (If attendance at my conference presentations is any indicator, AI is about 5 times more interesting than anything else I’ve presented about.)  And, as one of my coworkers […]
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May 23, 2024

Is It Time To Rethink Your Enterprise Network?

Today’s enterprises rely on their networks for operational success, productivity, and resilience. The rise of remote work and data-intensive applications has created an even greater demand for high-speed, secure, and scalable networks from the core to the edge and the cloud. A well-maintained network provides seamless connectivity, strengthens cybersecurity, and supports innovation. If your users […]
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May 16, 2024

What’s Old is New: Getting More Out of Resiliency’s Relationship With IT

In all my years working in resiliency, when I was managing programs myself and now that I am helping other companies with their programs, it seems the two most scarce resources are always money and time. This is the first blog in my “What’s Old Is New” blog series. “Every year is getting shorter, never seem to […]
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May 09, 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Browsers

Where do your employees spend most of their workday? Whether in the office, working remotely, or taking a hybrid approach, your employees spend most of their time working within and through a web browser.  A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Google found business users were spending 75% of their day working in a web browser, even before […]
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May 02, 2024

Sayers Crowned Americas Partner of the Year in 2023 by Check Point Software Technologies

With exceptional growth and achievement, Sayers leads with a significant increase in new business. Sayers, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and IT infrastructure solutions, has been recognized as Americas Partner of the Year for 2023 by Check Point Software Technologies. This achievement serves as a testament to Sayers’ outstanding growth and performance in the cybersecurity domain. In 2023, […]
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April 25, 2024

Disaster Recovery: We’ve Done Tier Zero, How Do We Start Tier One?

I have talked to a lot of companies these days who have made the decision to take their Disaster Recovery (DR) program seriously. Maybe they haven’t done a full-blown Business Impact Analysis (BIA), but they do have a good idea of what the most critical parts of their infrastructure are. Many of these companies have put […]
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April 18, 2024

After The Deal: What’s Next For VMware Customers

Change brings questions, both for the short-term and the future. If you’re one of the more than 400,000 VMware customers, or you’ve been considering a VMware solution for your business, you want to know how Broadcom’s recent $61 billion acquisition of VMware will affect you. With VMware’s market leadership in virtualization, VMware components are common in today’s […]
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April 11, 2024

When Is Employee Retention A Resiliency Issue?

A couple of decades ago, back when I was working as a System Administrator, I had a contracting gig working for a utility company. As utilities go they were fairly small, but they were still a large company with a few thousand employees.  There were probably a half-dozen of us there working as System Administrators, maintaining […]
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